A Family Holiday in Oulton Broad

The Waterman Family came to Oulton Broad in Suffolk on Holiday in summer 2009 and they sent us their thoughts of the time they spent here on Holiday

The Waterman Family Really Enjoyed Their Holiday in Oulton Broad in SuffolkThe Waterman family came from Birmingham in the West Midlands to visit Oulton Broad on holiday last summer and they promised they would let us know what they got up to, whether they enjoyed their time in Oulton Broad and whether they would come back to Oulton Broad on Holiday again?

The Waterman Family | A Holiday in Oulton Broad, Suffolk

We Initially heard about Oulton Broad from friends of ours who visited Lowestoft a few years ago and said that all of the coastline and the broads national park were wonderful places for a family holiday. We then researched Oulton Broad on the internet and found that there was lots to do in Oulton Broad for both adults and kids alike. The girls are really keen on watersports, my wife Jane is a keen naturist and I saw that there were plenty of pubs, cafes & restaurants in Oulton Broad so that was me sorted!

We then researched where to stay in Oulton Broad and saw the Oulton Broad had 3 great looking hotels, a holiday park, self catering holiday lodges, great holiday cottages, bed & breakfasts as well as the option of a boating holiday. Spoilt for choice we decided to book a holiday at Broadland Holiday Park, where we had loads of great on-site facilities such as; swimming pool, sauna, gym, bar and restaurant, but we were still just 2 minutes walk from the banks on the broads national park.

The whole family really enjoyed our holiday in Outlon Broad.

canoeing in oulton broadOn the first day of our 4 day holiday in Oulton Broad the girls decided to go canoeing on the broads while Jane and I had a relaxing day looking around the art gallery, the museum, the shops and had a nice lunch in The Red Herring Restaurant in Oulton Broad. In the evening we walked around the whole of Nicolas Everitt Park and watched the sunset over the Broads which was simply beautiful.

On day 2 we went down to the Oulton Broad Quay and booked a boat to hire for the day. We got the keys at 11 and i was shown how

we enjoyed a boat trip in oulton-broad

to steer our beautiful day cruiser – watch out ladies Captain Waterman in control of the ship. A few mis steers later i soon found my feet and the family and I were soon cruising up the Broads towards the shire of Norfolk. The sun was shinning all day and we we enjoyed plenty of refreshment stops along the way up and down river whilst taking in the wonderful scenery along the way. In the evening we went to Lowestoft seafront and walked along the sandy beach and visited the piers.

June and the girls went to Pleasurewood Hills theme park on day 3 while i was happy to stay in Oulton Broad and enjoy some fishing after an action packed couple of days. The girls said they had a super time at the theme park which was just 5 miles north of Oulton Broad but said that June didn’t dare go on the really big roller coaster – glad i went fishing as i know the girls would have made me go on there!

On our last day we visited the mini zoo in Oulton Broad in the morning and had lunch at a wonderful waterside pub. We walked off our yummy lunches in the afternoon by visiting the staggering beautiful Carlton Marshes Nature Reserve.

In the evening we all watched the Power Boat Racing – We all agreed that this is a brilliant sport and the drivers are certainly very brave, if not perhaps a little mad! We wondered round Oulton Broads pubs, restaurants and wine bars before taking in some live music at the Lady of the Lake before a curry and back to our super soft bed in the Oulton Broad Holiday Village.

We woke up with the sun shinning in Oulton Broad before packing our bags and heading off home to Birmingham. On the journey home we had time to look back on our fun filled holiday. We all agreed that we had the best UK holiday we have ever had and that we would certainly be come back on holiday to Oulton Broad in Suffolk again.

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