A Water Taxi For Oulton Broad?

Everyone who’s spent any time in Lowestoft or Oulton Broad knows how annoying it can be to be stuck on the wrong side of a bridge when it opens. With no other way across, the only option is to sit and wait, even if you’ve got a train to catch.

Now, thanks to National Historic Ships’ plan to open a new maritime heritage hub at Oulton Broad, crossing may be about to get a lot easier. The proposed hub would allow the introduction of a water-taxi to serve Lowestoft and Oulton Broad, finally offering the public an alternative to the bridges, and creating a tourist attraction.

The scheme, which is part of the Shipshape East Anglia initiative, is currently in the planning stages, and the organisers are currently collecting public opinion. If you’d like to take part in their survey, which only takes a couple of minutes, click here.

So what do you think? Will a water taxi transform Oulton Broad into the Venice of East Coast? You can let the Shipshape team know via the feedback section of the survey, and you can also leave us a comment below.

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