Enjoy the charming public parks in Oulton Broad


Oulton Broad is mainly known for the river but there are plenty of interesting places to explore around the local area

There are various public park areas in Oulton Broad, giving you the diverse range of wildlife that you get from an area around the river. Perhaps the most well known of these park areas is Nicholas Everitt Park.

Nicholas Everitt Park is open all year round. It is home to a number of events, most notably the powerboat racing season. It also has a number of facilities including a playground, fishing access as well as a bowling green and tennis court. It is also the home to some local museums, crazy golf, trampolines and canoeing, so the chances are if there is an activity you are interested in the park can provide it. A lot of the facilities are available on a pay as you use basis so you don’t have to worry about expensive membership fees in order to use them.

However as a park it is also a great place to explore nature. Whether you need to take the dog for a walk, want to take some eye catching pictures or generally fancy a bit of space to yourself in nature there is more than enough room in the park for you.

The park is also the home of a number of community groups and therefore this is a great place to go if you are new to the area and want to meet new people. In short a trip to Oulton Broad can offer a range of experiences with something for everyone!

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