Enthusiasts Look Forward to 2012 Powerboating

Oulton Broad’s Powerboating season is one of the highlights of the year, and with long range weather forecasts promising calm waters expectations are high that this year’s fixtures will be among the best ever.

With boats coming from all over the world to take advantage of Oulton Broad’s unique racing environment, the sport is growing in popularity, and a weekly Thursday night Powerboat class at Lowestoft and Oulton Broad Motorboat Club has begun, which lets enthusiasts get behind the wheel for themselves.

Powerboat fans will also want to take the opportunity to check out the legendary Rooster, which has been lovingly restored and is now on permanent display at Pleasurewood Hills. The unique boat was created by local businessman Toby Sutton, who combined a US made twin propeller and Wayne Chevrolet engine with a specially designed hull by Albatross Marine of St Olaves.

The Rooster was the fastest boat on the broads for decades until a fuel leak led to a fireball which damaged the boat but left Mr Sutton mercifully uninjured. The Rooster was restored in 1979 by Peter Rix, a local powerboat enthusiast and founder of the weekly class at the Motor Boat Club.

So if you’re looking forward to seeing some incredible racing action this year, why not have a go for yourself at the Thursday night club, or pay your respects to a local legend at Pleasurewood Hills.

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