Falat Dominates at Oulton Broad Squib Races

After the success of the last Oulton Broad Squib Race, which saw the biggest fleet in a century assemble to battle it out in several race classes

This weekend saw a truly magnificent performance as local sailor Ben Falat won his Fast Handicap division race with a mammoth two and a half minute lead.

Regular favourite Richard Fryer took an early lead, but in a series of bold manoeuvres, Falat swept past, despite his Phantom squib being slower than the RS designs which usually dominate the leaderboards.

In the second Fast Handicap race, Falat once again demonstrated his superiority, taking the lead at the beginning and refusing to give it up, leaving him with an impressive double victory and making a great start to his racing year.

If you want to go along and watch members of the Waveney and Oulton Broad Yacht Club compete in this fast paced sailing race, why not head down to Oulton Broad Marina at 10am on any Sunday, where you’ll get to see some of the region’s best competitive sailing.

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