Has Anybody Seen Poppy? Police Issue Call for Information About Missing Goat

The Oulton Broad community is in shock after the theft of a baby goat. The goat, named Poppy, was taken from Pets Corner, Bridge Road, Lowestoft between 5pm on Wednesday 11 November and 9am on Thursday 12 November.

Pets Corner

It is believed that thieves broke into the Oulton Broad Pets Corner premises and took Poppy from the stable area at the rear of the property. Police are appealing for information relating to the theft, and we would like to join them in putting out the call for any details regarding the theft. Poppy is 7 months old, with shaggy, dark grey hair, and was wearing a collar with her name on it. ‘We just want her back, into the family fold,’ the owners told ITV News, ‘her sister is missing her terribly.’

Poppy is one of a pair of twin goats, and the owners of Pets Corner report that her sister is distressed and pining for her. If you have any information regarding Poppy’s whereabouts, Police ask that you contact Lowestoft Police on 101, reference 14530/15, or that you contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or through their anonymous online reporting form which you can find at Universal Charging Unit

This is not the first time Pets Corner has been victimized: in 2013, vandals broke in and killed a number of animals. Pets Corner has been part of the fabric of Oulton Broad for decades, and generations of children have enjoyed this charming petting zoo. Now is the time to show our support, so if you’re at a loose end this weekend, why not take the kids to help comfort Poppy’s twin sister?

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