Is Something Brewing at the Brewery Tap?

Since closing on New Year’s Eve 2008, one of Oulton Broad’s most popular live music venues has lain empty and silent.

The Brewery Tap, formerly run by local sound engineer Stuart Perry, was for many years one of the liveliest spots in town, hosting a hugely popular annual battle of the bands contest, as well as many successful charity events, including the Halloween on Fire fancy dress parties, which raised money for Addenbrookes hospital.

Sadly, Perry declined to renew the lease in 2009, and since his departure the Brewery has remained closed. Many locals mourn the loss of the Brewery Tap, and though other Oulton Broad pubs have put on successful live music nights, none match its atmosphere and authenticity.

We at would love to see the Oulton Broad Brewery Tap reopen and resume its championing of the local music scene, which has been sadly deprived of one of its most vital supporters.

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