Looking Forward to Easter in Oulton Broad


Oulton Broad’s fantastic Easter celebrations are one of the high points of the year, with loads of visitors and residents turning out to partake of the festivities.

This year, Easter Sunday falls on the 27th March, so if you’re thinking of spending Easter in Oulton Broad, make sure you book up early!

Mountains of people turn out to investigate the special Easter events at Pets Corner in Oulton Broad. If you decide to join them, expect to be greeted by monkeys, parrots, meerkats and ponies. There will also be a ton of Easter egg hunts occurring throughout the town, much to the delight of many of Oulton Broad’s residents.

In nearby Lowestoft, the Lowestoft Lions Easter Egg Hunt takes place at Sparrow’s Nest, and there is even set to be a performance by the Lowestoft Choir to commemorate the special day.

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