Oulton Broad Squibs Race Draws Biggest Fleet in A Century

A weekend of perfect sailing weather drew the largest fleet of Squib sailing boats to grace Oulton Broad for a hundred years last Sunday.

The small boats are popular with enthusiasts, while their colourful sails make them a hit with spectators, and thanks to the efforts of the organisers, a great day was had by all. Three Squib races led to exciting contests between experienced competitive sailors and the new generation eager to give them a run for their money.

The only moment of confusion came after stewards accidentally sounded the start of the second race a minute early, leading to a brief period of chaos as boats were recalled and the race was reset. Kerr Sinclair and Owen Delaney led the aborted race, and were thrilled to win the second, legitimate start too.

With so many boats on the water, residents of Oulton Broad came out in force to see the keen competitive sailors do battle, and if the event keeps growing, this is one event that’s sure to be at the centre of the Oulton Broad calendar.

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