Oulton Broad’s Brilliant Weekends

Oulton Broad looks set to revel in the sunshine, in between spectacular Bank Holiday Weekends.

The Easter Holiday weekend gave the majority of us, a rare four day weekend. Even more rare, was the fact that all four of those days were bathed in hot summer weather.

People flocked to the Suffolk Coast for the exotic weather, with Oulton Broad being no exception.

Right on the edge of the beautiful Suffolk Broads, Oulton Broad saw hundreds of people out on the water. Boat rental companies saw a huge influx of customers, with the waterways full of happy visitors soaking up the sun.

The Broads really are a spectacular sight, and even more so in such amazing weather. Nothing beats getting out on the water and travelling through the lush Suffolk countryside.

But don’t worry if you missed out. Another four day weekend is not far off. With the Royal Wedding coming up, holiday makers look set to sail on the Broads yet again.

If the weather keeps up, the Royal Weekend really will be one to remember out on the water in Oulton Broad.

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