Oulton Broad’s Park to Fly the Green Flag

Nicholas Everitt Park is a beautiful space in the pretty coastal town of Oulton Broad.

Its 5.5 Hectares of lush green space are a wonderful place to go. Yet several of the parks voluntary groups including The Friends of Nicholas Everitt Park are calling on the public for support, as they apply for the parks green flag status.

Presently Oulton Broads coast boasts a Blue Flag status, an official recognition of the beaches high quality. A green flag status for the park would see it names as one of the best green spaces in the country, and the only one in Lowestoft.

Oulton Broad is well known for it’s green attitude. The town is a hotspot for solar panels in Suffolk, with residents taking advantage of the sunshine, and keeping green at the same time.

The park currently houses the Lowestoft museum, which was opened by Queen Elizabeth II.

The group are asking members of the public to volunteer to help with planting, building wildlife habitats, picnic areas and getting the park in Oulton Broad ready for winter.

Carol Barnard, Chairman of the Friends group told the Eastern Daily Press,
“We’ve been going for a few years but we’re still at the beginning of it all because there’s just so much to do”

“It’s a nice park already, but we think it could become even better. We’ve done a few bits and bobs like the border fencing and trees. This is the first time we’ve asked the public to come forward and get physically involved.”

Oulton Broad is a beautiful place to go. Close to the coast and the wonderful broads its a great place for a break or even a visit for the day. With these plans it looks like Oulton Broad will be getting even prettier.

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