Pick Oulton Broad Strawberries

Head out to the strawberry fields in Suffolk this summer and get picking.

Strawberries are a part of British summer. Whether its in your Pimms at the Royal Suffolk Show or with a bit of cream at Wimbledon there’s nothing quite like a good British strawberry.

In recent years the UK has changed its attitude towards fresh produce. Organic fruit and veg has never been so popular, with Suffolk and Oulton Broad relishing the publics desire for local food.

A similar pattern is showing in the holiday market. More and more Brits are staying on our own shores for summer holidays and breaks. In Oulton Broad and Suffolk thousands of people take to the broads for their holidays.

So why not combine all of those by picking your own strawberries, near Oulton Broad in Suffolk. For just a few pounds the whole family can have a great afternoon out, (or morning if your an early riser.)

All you need is a punnet and the desire to get out into the sunshine hunting for the perfect strawberry. Although try to resist the temptation to eat your way around the crop. Farmers don’t often take to rouge strawberry eaters.

There are many local farms and stalls in and around Oulton Broad that offer PYO fruit. As well as strawberries, many places offer raspberries and even asparagus to pick yourself.

For a great British day out, in which you can take your spoils home get out and pick your own this summer in Oulton Broad.

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