Rare Dusky Warbler Sighted Near Oulton Broad


The elusive Dusky Warbler has been spotted near a church in Oulton Broad.

Dusky Warbler Oulton Broad sightings are on the rise. A very rare migrating bird, the Dusky Warbler is known for its occasional Winter appearances in the United Kingdom. Despite a 3000km migrating distance from its breeding grounds in East Asia, the Dusky Warbler has been occasionally known to migrate all the way to Britain for the Winter. A small, brown bird, it blends in easily with the country’s other avian inhabitants, but birds of this species rarely make it all the way to the UK for the Winter, causing the Oulton Broad birdwatching scene to come out in full force.

The Dusky Warbler Oulton Broad sighting occurred at the start of this month, and many more may be expected on the town’s outskirts though not for much longer as the last vestiges of Winter leave the country, so make sure sure you head down there today.

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