Rupert the Bear Surprises Oulton Broad Couple

With his trademark red jumper and matching yellow-checked trousers and scarf, Rupert the bear has been delighting readers of all ages with his charming adventures for 90 years

And now a rare first edition of his debut appearance has been discovered in Oulton Broad.

Alan and Heather Shorten found the highly sought-after edition of The Adventures of Rupert the Little Lost Bear in the home of Alan’s cousin, Edna Balls, who sadly passed away last year. The book has been in the Shorten family for generations, and has been valued at between £800 and £1000.

Alan, an 80-year-old retired Council foreman, told the EDP: “I don’t think my cousin realised how valuable the book was. She kept it because it was given to her by her mum.

“My mum and dad brought me a Rupert annual every year, and if it wasn’t them, then an aunt of mine would get me one for Christmas. I think my age group like to have the Rupert annuals so we can pass them on to the next generation.”

The Adventures of Rupert the Little Lost Bear was published in 1921 and collects Rupert’s earliest appearances in comic strips published in the Daily Express. For collectors of Rupert memorabilia, it is a highly prized artifact, but it won’t be seen in an auction house any time soon, as Alan says: “We wouldn’t sell the book. We don’t want money at our age. The book has a sentimental value to us.”

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