Secret Dog Walking Spots in Oulton Broad


Oulton Broad’s hidden gem – perfect for walking your dog!

Everyone knows that it can be a hassle walking your dogs at certain points in the year. Don’t worry though, because there are many secret passageways that are great for walking dogs in Oulton Broad. One of these is a rarely used path which takes mutts and their owners from the Oulton Broad Marina through the park and into Carlton Marshes. Although dogs are required to be kept on their leads at certain parts during the walk, this by no means true for all of it.

Furthermore, the route gives you (and Fido) the opportunity to explore the picturesque vistas of Carlton Marshes in all their splendour, making it a delightful place for walking dogs in Oulton Broad and the surrounding area. It’s also a great spot to go gallivanting if you’re a boatowner or tourist who’s just moored at the Marina- the route’s beginning is just within walking distance of the moorings! Get your holiday off with a walk through some delightful countryside, as well as giving your canine friend his much deserved trot – traverse the path through Oulton Broad today!

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