The Commodore in Oulton Broad has Re-Opened

The Commodore Pub in Oulton Broad met the fate of many pubs in the current economic climate, just under a year ago, yet plans are being made to re-open the building.

Enterprise Inn, a company which runs pubs across the UK, has put forward plans to refurbish The Commodore. The refurbishment includes the extension of the pub, to host more diners, new staircases, kitchens and toilets.

Another part of The Commodore, that has been paid particular attention to, is the improvement of the outside areas on the edge of the Broads.

The plans state, as in the Lowestoft Journal,

“There is a large terrace area to the rear of the pub that is split into three levels, which has now become very untidy and overgrown, and it is proposed to redevelop this terrace area with new hard and soft landscaping,”

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