Wall of Water: Oulton Broad and the Great Flood of 1953

2013 marked the 60th anniversary of the devastating floods of 1953, which saw the streets and homes of Oulton Broad and Lowestoft awash with torrents of water.

Royal Flaxman and Dean Parkin’s Wall of Water: Lowestoft and Oulton Broad During the 1953 Flood provides photographs and recollections which bring this devastating naural disaster to life.

Packed with first-hand accounts and incredible images, this book is a great way to remind yourself of the bravery of Oulton Broad’s people, and of the dramatic destruction that flooding can leave in its wake, which is particularity poignant what with the floods floods of 2013 engulfing Lowestoft once again.

The book ties in with exhibits at Lowestoft’s Maritime Museum, making it the perfect companion to a historical tour of the town, and an ideal gift for anyone interested in the resilience of Suffolk’s people.

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